Mobile Spy Program

TOP 10 Tasks Your Cell Phone Spy Can Accomplish

What is a cell phone spy? This is special software that monitors most activities that take place through a definite phone. Most of available programs have become so sophisticated that after installation they monitor most phone use.

Who usually uses spy programs? Though there are many users, the greater parts of them are:

Employers who are worried about their employees. This is how they are finding out dishonest persons who are lying about their location and work, revealing secret information and even hiding their real activities.
Parents who want to know what their children are doing on their smartphones, whether they are using time-wasting applications or sexting.

Is It Legal to Use Cell Phone Spies?

Mostly not, so there are only two main ways to use them legally:

One can monitor a cell phone that is used by a minor child without notification.
One can monitor a cell phone that is used by an employee only if one owns it for disclosing the activity.

Unfortunately there aren’t any exceptions to these rules. Still many people push the limits trying to get away with the illegal activity no matter what the consequences might be. However, today there are many special cell phone spy software that are to difficult to detect, and this gives a chance to escape the punishment.

What Are the Main Features of Cell Phone Spy Software?

tracing received/ sent SMS, the addressee/addresser and time of its sending/receiving;
reading the text of messages;
having an access to the history of all outgoing and incoming call logs;
monitoring address book along with existing and added names or emails;
monitoring contacts that are unavailable in the address book and typed manually;
checking personal conversations of the user;
spying on all uploaded and downloaded data from the Internet;
knowing the time and content of all received and sent e-mail messages;
getting info about all events, tasks and memos added to the phone calendar;
knowing the exact location of the user by tracing GPS.

Many programs also offer viewing all photos taken and videos recorded, including deleted ones, along with a possibility of listening to the conversations around the phone. However, these are rather expensive options.

Mobile Spy Program

If you are looking for reliable software, choose Mobile Spy. It is a leader in this industry that accomplishes all sorts of task. They say that there isn’t practically anything it cannot do. The program is really powerful and it is able to:

uncover all plans through hooks into the phone’s calendar as well as task log;
reveal the history of the phone’s GPS locations;
tell the websites the user likes the most;
show all of the outgoing and incoming call logs;
give commands to control the cell phone remotely;
make one aware of all names and numbers in the contacts file.

As soon as you have started monitoring, the cell phone spy remains active. Even in case the phone is turned off and then back on it remains active in the background. So, there is no need to get worried: during this period all the activities are recorded and uploaded to the Mobile Spy account.

When you understand how all features work, try to make a list of what you really need. In most cases there isn’t any use in paying for all extra features offered, as most of them aren’t going to be used. Don’t rely on the list of suggested basic features, as they are mostly not basic at all. What is enough for you? These are generally things like viewing call logs, monitoring text messages, viewing web browsing history and GPS monitoring.